About Panoramix.me

Panoramix.me is the user-facing site of the panoramix project. It aims to present the results and legacy of the project in a simple manner, by focusing on how panoramix provides increased privacy to end-users and how interested parties can get involved.


A Mixnet is a message delivery network that aims to anonymise (mix) the messages passing through it. This is accomplished by collecting multiple messages on the same server and shuffling them together cryptographically. This effectively breaks the link between incoming and outgoing messages. The exact methods used to shuffle as well as the topology of the network are topics of ongoing research both inside the Panoramix project and beyond.


Panoramix is an EU-funded Horizon 2020 programme with the goal of protecting communication privacy by building a comperhensive mixnet infrastructure. This encompasses multiple levels technical levels, from cryptographical shuffle techniques, to message traffic and routing management to APIs and concrete production-level implementations.